Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park - Explore The Unique Underwater Art

Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park

When coming up with travel plans for an unforgettable scuba diving or snorkeling trip, you can’t dismiss the tropical beauty and vast assortment of marine life that await you in Grenada. This stunning tropical paradise is home to the world’s first Underwater Sculpture Park, opened in the marine protected area of Molinere Bay in 2006.

The underwater park is full of life-size figures just waiting to be discovered. All of the pieces are viewed easily from the surface of the water while snorkeling, but scuba divers can get up close and personal with some of the works seated at a lower elevation on the ocean floor.

The Best Way To Visit Grenada’s Underwater Sculpture Park

Start your journey on Grand Anse Beach, where the team from Dive Grenada will disembark on a journey to an underwater world you won’t soon forget! Our diving and snorkeling excursions are perfect for every skill level and will take you out into Molinere Bay, where you can see the Underwater Sculpture Park for yourself.

We can help you with scuba diving into the depths of the sculpture park to see the many sculptures created for this underwater gallery. Make sure to book your tour ahead of your stay in Grenada to ensure you don’t miss out on the spectacular Underwater Sculpture Park.


A Brief History Of How The Underwater Sculpture Park In Grenada Came To Be

A successful British artist by the name of Jason deCaires Taylor is the brains behind the Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park. He created the very first underwater sculptures that were carefully sunken into Molinere Bay to open the exhibit in 2006.

The Grenada Underwater Sculpture Management Team (a combination of Grenada’s Ministry of Tourism and the Grenada Scuba Diving Association) is now responsible for the care, maintenance, and expansion of the Underwater Sculpture Park so it can be enjoyed for generations to come.

Experience The Sculpture Park Your Way

If the idea of scuba diving into the depths of the sea terrifies you, you’re in luck. You don’t have to be a seasoned scuba diving aficionado to enjoy the Underwater Sculpture Park. In fact, you can find an array of means to view the sculpture park.

You can join our experienced snorkeling guides for some fun in the sun, or join one of our awesome tours to get up close and personal with the life-size figures cast for many of the sculptures. Even Discover Scuba Diving participants can enjoy the captivating artwork during their very first dive!

The Underwater Sculpture Park was pivotal in creating the marine protected space in the bay and is regarded as one of the 25 wonders of the world by National Geographic. You can do your part to preserve these majestic coral reefs and other marine life by supporting conservation sites like the sculpture park and Grenada’s Artificial Reef Project (GARP), which has been sponsored and managed by Dive Grenada.

Why The Evolving Sculptures Are Vital To Marine Life

The sculptures found in the sculpture park are ever-changing as marine life interacts with each piece over time. Natural movements in the Caribbean Sea also play their part in the evolution of underwater sculptures. Not only do sea creatures change the appearance of the pH-balanced structures over time, but the wave surges and currents also change the sculpture park.

The sculptures themselves create a stable and permanent platform so that new reefs and habitats can form as they do on the natural rock formations in the ocean. This is vital for the conservation of a stunning array of varied marine life that call the sculpture park home.

The Highlights Of The Underwater Sculpture Gallery

Christ Of The Deep

The Grenada Tourism Authority partially funded the Christ of the Deep, a replica of an original bronze statue at St. George’s Harbour. The placement of this replica marked the 50th anniversary of the Bianca C sinking in our waters and becoming the largest shipwreck in the Caribbean and is a can’t-miss piece of artwork on your snorkeling or scuba diving tour.

The Vicissitudes

The Vicissitudes are perhaps the most recognizable pieces created within the Underwater Sculpture Park in Grenada. Of the statues and sculptures placed through out the park, this sculpture is comprised of 26 life-size statues of local children linked by holding hands in a large circle.

One analogy to the meaning behind this piece is that children are versatile and can adapt to any environment, and as the sea embraces them each child becomes part of their new environment within the sculpture park.

The Lost Correspondent

The Lost Correspondent is another intriguing piece found in the depths of the sculpture park. This sculpture is of a man busily typing away at a typewriter on a sturdy desk loaded up with historical newspaper cuttings. Even Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam used a beautiful photograph of this iconic piec for the cover of his album Ukulele Songs.

Get The Most Out Of Your Visit To The Underwater Sculpture Park

Grenada’s Underwater Sculpture Park has so many glorious sites you don’t want to miss, and our professional guides at Dive Grenada can help you locate every one of them at your comfort level.

Whether you’re an experienced scuba diver or you still need some help snorkeling at the surface, we’ve got you covered!

Just head to our website before the big trip so you can nail down a spot on one of our popular tours!

4 hours
Group Size
Up to 8

Private Morning 2 Tank

We enjoy some great diving here in Grenada and you would be welcome to join us. We run a daily morning 2 dive trip (meeting at 8am) for certified divers and visit a good range of reef, wreck and drift sites over any given week, plenty to keep you entertained. If you want an experience that is all your own or have a group of 6-8 people and want to rent the boat out for yourselves this is the best option for you! We take care of all of the gear set up, loading and unloading. You simply need to show up with a good attitude and be ready to dive, and we will do the rest.

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2 hours
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Up to 8

Grenada Snorkelling Trip (1 Site)

Join one of our professionally guided snorkeling trips to the sheltered bays of Grenada’s Marine Protected Area which include Grenada’s unique underwater sculpture park.

We offer a 2 hour afternoon trip meeting at 12:45 which entails a boat ride up to our Marine Protected Area. We typically visit either the coral reef at Flamingo Bay or the Underwater Sculpture Park at Molinere Bay. Enjoy snorkeling in clear safe and shallow waters and a thrilling interaction with a myriad of colorful fish and corals. The boat will be moored for around 1 to 1 1/4 hours at the site and guests are free to get on and off as they wish. You will be accompanied by a guide and we provide all equipment and light refreshments on board.

It essential that guests can swim and are comfortable in the water.

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3 days
Group Size
Up to 4

PADI Open Water Course

Get your PADI Open Water Diver certification with Dive Grenada and be transformed from complete beginner to competent diver in only 2 1/2-3 days. PADI Open Water Diver is the first scuba certification level which gives you the foundational knowledge and skills needed to dive with a buddy, independent of supervision.

This course is a full certification diver training for a beginner diver; with dive theory, knowledge review and assessments, confined water (pool) training and 4 open water (ocean) dives.

All participants must be able to swim.

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2 hours
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Up to 8

Snorkel Grenada’s Underwater Sculpture Park

The Marine Protected Area is home to our favourite snorkelling sites in Grenada. Our trained guides give you a full snorkel safety briefing on the dive boat before entering the water. They will also brief you on points of interest and fish species you may see whilst snorkelling.

The Underwater Sculpture Park is a major snorkelling attraction in Grenada. It was the first of Jason deCaires Taylor’s underwater gardens to be created, and widely acclaimed as the first of its kind. The snorkel site is now listed as one of National Geographic’s 25 Wonders of the World. Local sculptors have added to deCaire’s original collection and the snorkel park promotes fascinating conversations about the history and culture of Grenada.

The sculptures cover an underwater area of around 800 square metres and are placed in sand patches and gullies between natural rock formations. Perfect for snorkelling, they sit at depths of 5-9 metres – easy to view as you float above. Confident snorkelers can dive down for a closer look.

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1 day
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PADI Emergency First Response Course

Divers and Non-divers. Get qualified to save lives. Prepare yourself to respond to any medical emergency with this 1-day course. Learn up-to-date first aid, accident management, and resuscitation techniques. Course completion provides you with an internationally recognized certification from Emergency First Response.

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Dive Refresher

Perfect if you are a bit rusty with your diving but don’t need a Pool Refresher. Ease back into the water accompanied by one of our PADI Divemasters or Instructors on a one-to-one basis. Take your time and brush up on equipment assembly, buoyancy control, and diving techniques on a relaxed dive on one of our great Grenada reef diving sites.

Dive refreshers are typically completed on our afternoon 1 tank dives but can be done on a morning 2 tank dive by request. Reach out to us to set it up for you.

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