Dive Grenada Staff

We look forward to welcoming you to Dive Grenada

Dive Grenada’s very experienced staff are dedicated to providing our customers with a memorable scuba diving and snorkel experience while you are in Grenada, Caribbean.

Our goal is simple. We work hard to ensure our customers are treated as individuals and can enjoy PADI Training, diving and snorkelling in an environment which is relaxed, fun and very safe.

The ‘buzz’ for our Dive Grenada team is the big smile our customers have after a good day of diving or snorkelling with Dive Grenada.

PADI Certification Grenada from Dive Grenada Staff

Phil Saye

Phil has been owner of Dive Grenada since 2004. In former life he enjoyed an illustrious career with the Royal Navy and dived extensively in far-flung corners of the globe including the Antarctic, the Maldives and Scapa Flow.

His nickname “Fishy Phil” was acquired during his UK diving days for the excessive amounts of spare time he spent in the water.

Phil is dedicated to ensuring excellent service for divers scuba diving or PADI Training with Dive Grenada. He will always be found on site at the dive centre, and on hand for a bit of helpful advice and assistance. He is passionate about diving and the underwater environment and committed to sharing this with as many people as he can. He enjoys an unrivalled knowledge of local marine life and his infectious enthusiasm for the subject has made him a popular lecturer at both St. George’s University and local schools.


Helen enjoys an enviable position as Dive Grenada’s chief ‘Bikini Fish’. She is often found ‘sunning’ herself in a chair outside the shop. She may also be found at the end of the phone or an email enquiry and is there to greet everyone in the mornings.

She is another of our enthusiastic team of PADI Instructors and particularly enjoys the challenge of ‘channeling’ the energy of some of our junior divers.

She is a huge fan of Grenada and can be relied on as an inexhaustible source of recommendations for good restaurants and ‘not to be missed’ Island attractions.


Brittney will greet you with the sunniest of smiles as you arrive at the dive shop. It’s all about PINK with this lady; fins, mask, snorkel and a flash of tropical lipstick.

As both Divemaster and snorkel guide, Brittney is in her element out looking for turtles on the reefs of Grenada’s Marine Protected Area.

Full of energy, she switches tirelessly between her work here and the demands of being a young Mum. She can’t wait to get her son out and enjoying the water.


Kirhon joined Dive Grenada in April 2017. His excellent boat handling skills and attentiveness to our customers’ needs and safety make him the perfect Boat Captain.

His quiet demeanour and gentle smile ensure a relaxed and calm experience for all our guests.

Capn. Jack

Jack joined our staff in November 2008 and quickly became an indispensable team member in his furry front of house services. He prides himself on providing quality between-dive entertainment, hugs, licks and kisses in abundance. He will quite happily fetch balls, coconuts and almonds from the beach all day long!

He also offers a dedicated sandal and flip flop guarding service, if you don’t mind them remodelled.


Jerry, our rather portly Jack Russell, joined us in 2012. He is very friendly, loves attention and is a loyal assistant to Captain Jack in his front of house duties.

He is an enthusiastic, but inexpert, chaser of crabs and lizards and enjoys mealtimes. He enjoys as much chest rubbing as our customers are willing to give… we’ve never seen him say stop.