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Grenada Scuba Dive Sites

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Northern Exposure 20'-70' / 6 - 23m
water bubble fish
On starting this dive at a shallow sand patch look out for the eel garden and a range of crustaceans including large conch.
The dive takes you north over the brow of a ridge and along its north eastern aspect as you follow a gently sloping reef accompanied by a constant stream of Schoolmasters, Yellow Tail snapper, Spanish Hogfish and an occasional Porcupine fish.
The latter part of dive takes you through a garden of Azure Vase sponges.
Wibbles Reef 60'- 85'/ 15 - 26m

turtle This extensive reef is typically explored as a good-paced drift dive.
Rather deeper and situated a little further offshore, is a good dive for pelagic species including huge schools of hunting Horse Eye jacks and Great Barracuda. Hawksbill turtles and Spotted Eagle rays may also be regularly seen.

Red Buoy 25 - 85' / 8 - 24m

french angelfish

Located just outside St Georges harbour, this reef wall reveals a plethora of more than 20 coral-encrusted admiralty anchors, some dating back to the 1800's.

One is very much aware of Grenada's history as a trading post for generations of seafarers.

Shark Reef 40'- 60' / 12 - 18m
nurse shark
Though shallow in depth, this reef is located on the Atlantic side of Grenada just south of Glovers Island and as such can be subject to strong currents and considerable surface swell. A rugged reef, divers may enjoy some sizeable brain coral and pillar coral formations. The topography affords a degree of shelter for the many lobster and Nurse shark usually seen here. It is also a good location for Atlantic and Southern sting ray, Queen trigger fish and turtles.

Windmill Shallows 60'-105' / 18m - 32m

scuba diving photo The topography of this reef is impressive; in places it becomes a narrow ridge of plate coral just 30 feet in width. It is located on the outermost aspect of Grenada's reef system with a drop off down into the blue.
Good tidal currents mean that it is a choice location for grouper and other larger reef fish.

Purple Rain 20'- 80' / 6m - 25m
scuba diving photo
This drift dive, at times gentle at others exhilarating, offers a wealth of diverse soft coral, glorious barrel sponges and notably a variety of file fish.
Join Hawksbill turtles, rays and Great Barracuda as you ride along in a shower of vivid purple Creole wrasse.
This really is one of Grenada's most pristine reefs.
Kahonee 40' / 12m
scuba photo This shallow coral reef plateau is ideally suited to both newer divers and photographers. Its gentle topography very much lends itself to taking your time and enjoying the extensive array of Blue and Brown chromis, wrasse, and Squirrel fish. Divers may often come across a feeding hawksbill concealed within the barrel sponges and gorgonian sea fans.
Boss Reef 20'- 80' / 6m - 24m
scuba diving picture This extensive reef system extends up to 5 miles from the harbour at St Georges to the southernmost aspect of the island and offers a number of enjoyable dives. The upper reef with its rolling topography is home to Lobster, Spotted Moray eels, trunkfish and often a passing green or hawksbill turtle. Further along the reef, a series of sandy valleys demarcate the reef and an enormous Green Moray makes his home. Amongst the plate coral look out for large crab and Banded Coral shrimp. On occasion a resting Nurse shark or Southern Sting ray may be seen. A distinctive hole arising at around 14 metres and dropping down to 18 metres is a popular hangout for Barracuda.
Valleys 25 - 70' / 8 - 22m
scuba photo From its start point in the shallows, the dive follows a gently sloping sandy channel down to an open sandy patch bordered by a reef of plate coral.
From here the dive heads westwards following the reef and crossing a series of sandy valleys. At its lower reaches the reef has a moonscape appearance. Within the reef hunt out for Moray eels, crab and lobster and up above enjoy schools of French grunts, Brown chromis and Creole Wrasse.
Southern Comfort 20 - 40'/ 8 - 12m
scuba diving picture
This gently sloping reef offers a relaxed dive and an opportunity to observe frequent cleaning stations staffed by cleaner wrasse, Neon gobies and Pederson cleaner shrimp. It is also a good site for Spotted Moray eels and a riot of smaller reef fish including Blue Chromis, Squirrel fish, Parrot fish and a range of Butterfly fish.
Japanese Gardens 20 - 45' / 6 to 14m
This shallow dive site, comprised of a series of coral formations interspersed with sand channels, very much creates the feeling of a garden. The reef enjoys some colorful soft coral growth and is a good site to see both green and hawksbill turtles, porcupine fish, lobster and an occasional resting nurse shark.